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Looking to become a retailer of the world's best tool & battery mount solutions? With distributors worldwide and a growing product range, retailers can expect excellent margins and minimal space requirements; perfect accessories to stock in your store.
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StealthMounts are popular around the world and we are actively growing our presence in tool, fastener, hardware & other relevant stores. We have have great distributors in many countries and depending on location we can refer you to your local distributor. If you are interested in distributing StealthMounts in a new market, please get in touch.

Our products cover all major cordless tool brands and we have over 200 lines, including battery holders & mounts, tool holders & mounts, bit holders, charger holders & mounts and others.

We offer excellent retailer margins and StealthMounts are the ideal accessory line; requiring minimal retail space, they can be effectively displayed in a carousel, end of isle strip, on counter or in relevant gaps in display racks.
  • A recognised brand in the tool space
  • Excellent retailer margins on all products
  • Solutions for all the major tool brands
  • Local distributors in 3 countries for fast stocking
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Product's your customers will love to use, and you will love to sell. There's so many reasons why StealthMounts are a fantastic product to stock. There are numerous reasons why and we've listed some, but most importantly customers love them and retailers love how easy they are to store and sell. They're a perfect stocking filler for DIY obsessed dads, a great upsell for customers buying their latest powertool, and above all, very affordable for customers with great margins for retailers.
Numerous Brands The original design was for the Dewalt and Makita range of batteries, but soon we expanded the range of brands and started to cover Milwaukee and Bosch batteries. We are now covering over 43 different tool brands, so you are bound to find a mount to fit your setup.
Regular Product Launches We continue to innovate and have a full program of products in the works to organise and save you time within your workspace. Following us on our social media accounts will allow you to keep up to date with our newest products. With products being invented, prototyped, and launched every month we can't wait to show you what we have coming next.
Patent Pending/Registered Designs StealthMounts have registered designs on all products launched in all territories with patent pending on many lines.
Injection Moulded In 2016 we moved from 3D printers and expanded to the highest quality injection moulding machines making our products stronger and more durable.
Stocked in over 4500 stores
Now available in over 24 countries
200+ product lines available
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Custom solutions to your tool storage problems.
Need something that's custom? Have an idea for a tool and battery mount solution that we don't already offer? Let us know!

With our experience in the field and our innovative technologies, we're well equipped to look at custom products. Tell us what you need and we'll get to work to see what's possible. Our original battery mounts started off as a simple solution to a problem we were having, we're always on the look out to solve more of those problems.
Sell the world's leading cordless tool & battery mount solutions.
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Great way to keep track of which batteries are charged and which one's need charging. I use black for good to go, fully charged. The red ones I use for batteries needing charging.
J.Lawson, United States
M18 batteries are expensive; I bought 12 of these to protect that investment. I was pleased with how solid they are! Buying these individual holders will allow me to reconfigure my storage solution as my needs change. Happy to support this company and their products.
Lora, United States
Excellent idea stops my very expensive level from being thrown around in the van its up high out of the way neatly and compact highly recommended.
L.Chadwick, United Kingdom
Magnificent product. I already bought it twice... for different levels for the van. And they go great, and good quality. I screwed these into the van to safely store my spirit level. Works flawlessly. Removing and remounting the spirit level is quick and easy.
M.Jose, Spain
I really like these storage mounts and they are really easy to Install. All you have to do is screw the mount wherever you would like to stack and store your toolboxes. They can be used in lots of places such as sheds, garages and even used in your van to stop the toolboxes sliding around while you're driving. Once you've installed them all you have to do is slide your box into place. There really sturdy once installed and great value for money. I will definitely be buying more of these thanks.
V.Smith, United Kingdom
I'm a weekend diy'er so to me it's well worth the money I paid. It fits snuggly to the rail as others have said which is a good thing and allows me to do nice straight cuts with my circular saw and guide rail adaptor. Less waste of sheet products especially with the prices at the moment. Going to get another for my 1.5m rail to save me having to swap over. Snug as a bug, Product works as described. I don't have to worry if my track is not square.
J.Atkinson, United States
This mount is amazing. StealthMounts makes some awesome products for power tools and their accessories and this is no different. It feels very high quality and heavy duty. You can screw this down on any surface and secure your coffee tumbler, so it never falls over. This would be perfect for mobile applications especially. This is a must have if you own a Milwaukee tumbler.
M.Short, Canada
I am satisfied that the inside of the tool box is organized and tidy! Thanks StealthMounts.
Tanaka, Japan
Brilliant design, it's so simple but just makes life easier rather than juggling batteries. Feels much more comfortable to carry and keeps them together rather than risking losing them. My Makita batteries fit in perfectly and I've tried aggressively shaking it to see how secure it is, and the batteries have stayed put so I'm happy with it. Very well made. I had never heard of battery storage mount boards before this and it's super useful at keeping them neat and tidy. I've put it next to my charger for handy access. Easy to install and batteries simply slide in.
S.Still, United Kingdom
The charger stays securely in place when clipped on to the brackets. It is extremely easy to use, well made and durable. Bought these two years ago and mounted them in my tool trailer. Absolutely recommend them!! Great space saver.
B.Leonard, Australia